Welcome to History’s Lace Stockings

Ever sense I was young I’ve loved fashion and history.  I was able to put both together as one and found a new passion. Historical fashion.  For years I wanted to be a costume designer, but abandoned that idea after I realized I can barley sow my own buttons on without them falling off three seconds later.  But I kept up my love of fashion and history and now I finally got around to putting my passion down on paper (electronic paper that is).  If this never amounts to anything at-lest I’ll have all my inspiration stored somewhere other then my computer (where it continually james/slows it down) I’ll be posting inspiration, photos, thoughts, comments and ideas all here in hopes that someone else draws inspiration from it.

I hope you all enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing and creating it, or in some cases staring at the computer screen pretending to ‘brain storm’ as I look up youtube videos:)