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Stone warriors

Yes, this does relate to fashion.


Some eight thousands warriors are buried in-front of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb (In around 207BD) meant to defend him in the after life.  No, I didn’t fly to China and see the real thing (wish I could) My local museum was having a very special exhibit with pieces from the real deal in China.  For anyone in love with ancient history, it is a must see.  Interestingly enough, the clothing, or style of rob, armor, mustache, and hair, determines the rank of the solider. It all helps identify what rank the solider and/or general was.

Being able to stare at the soldiers, as cameras clicked away, one can see the amount of detail, or sweet and blood, that went into the creation of the soldiers.  It’s so interesting if you compare the difference between Chinese armor, armor of the ancient Greeks, and Medieval knights.  The exhibit inspired me to go draw Chinese armor for the rest of my life.  So I guess now I have another thing to research.  Enjoy these photos, as I go sharpen my pencils.

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Dead man ate my heart

For a history buff like me, I get just as much excitement from a black and white photo of a dead man, as I do from seeing Sayid on lost! Why, do you ask……maybe it’s that inner princess wanting to be carried off into the sunset on horse back, or maybe it’s just the fact I that would marry a mannequin if it was waring a well taylor suit (I know, I’m weird) But whether I’m thriving off childhood fantasy’s, or just plain strange, enjoy these photos 🙂
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James Tissot

Looking for some inspiration, look no further.

Born James Jacques Joseph Tissot in October 1836.  James Tissot had a reputation as a painter of elegantly dressed women in fashionable society and was friends with Edger Degas and Abbot McNeil Whistler.
His paintings are just the thing for writers block, drawing block, working block (or as a friend of mine once put it,blocked writing)

If your looking for a history lesson on James Tissot
But enough of that, on to his paintings