(I’ve tried to find images that I have permission to use, if for some reason someone spots an image that is copy righted, please let me know and I will change the photo immediately)

Jane Eyer Costumes

Jane Eyers wedding dress.

Not an actual picture of the costume used, but it looks the same as the one used in the movie.

I added this in because I thought the use of strips was very creative.  The alinement of the strips on the skirt, sleeves and bodice flow together very nicely.

Mr. Rochester, I’m still looking for a nice front view of that amazing jacket I talked about.

Jane’s aunt, Mrs. Reed’s brown dress, I love the added detail of the fur and the richness of the fabric, even if her sleeves do look like cream puffs.

Mrs. Reeds’s blue dress, the view from the front is much better then from the back, but I couldn’t find a picture of the front (If you find one let me know)

Mary and Diana Rivers.  My first reaction AFTER I saw there amazing collars was, Katherine Howard lives!! And then, the Borgia Angel!!! So cool to see them together.  I wish they would have had more screen time, giving way to showing more of their beautiful dresses.  During most of the movie they both have on black color dresses, which dose make their white collars stand out that much more.  But the yellow and purple/red colors are a nice change of pace.