Here is where all my drawings are posted.  Everything is copy-righted.  If I see my drawings  being used without my permission I will sue, sue!!! Just kidding, I won’t sue.  I’d most likely be too happy too speak if I EVER saw anything that remotely looked like my drawing.

1890’s (Newsies)

Spot Collins and Girl.  Spot Collins wasn’t as hard to draw as the girl was.  Her sleeves took three full colored and drawn costumes until I finally got the shape right.  Spot Collins outfit is based off his second outfit in the movie ‘Newsies’ Very fun to learn how to draw another era.  I’m no expert, but it was fun to figure out how to make it simplistic yet still interesting to look at.



It’s a rough sketch, I wanted to explore 1830/1840’s, so I didn’t add color or much detail.  For her dress I started off taking inspiration from the 1830’s, but the page in my reference book flipped and her skirt turned 1840’s.  As with his jacket, it started off 1840’s and morphed towards 1830’s.