Moving forward a few thousand years from our last post, and speed up to 1899 New York City, where you will find the famed Newsies strike.  Newsies from all over New York, (Never fear Brooklyn is here!) banned together agents Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of  the ‘Word’ and William Randolph Hearst publisher of  the ‘Journal’.  The strike lasted two weeks and was demonstrated across the Brooklyn bridge, putting traffic at a stand still.  The strike was filled with street children, ranging in diverse ages such as six to sixteen.  The cause of the strike, the raised price of Newspapers, or ‘paps’.  Although neither Joseph Pulitzer or William Randolph Hearst lowered there ‘paps’ prices, they did agree to buy all un-sold ‘pap’s back.  Which if I pretend I’m really good at math is….figure newspapers coast 60 cents, and you buy two bundles of ten, and sell them for 30 cents, and only sell half thats…….*deep in thought* a loss of 90 cents? What dose all of this mean…….*drum roll* Wonderful late 1800’s hundreds clothing. Rolled up sleeves, open button down shirts, news boy caps, *starts to drool.  History majors eat your heart out.

Clothing for the common man.  Image if you will, a world where all men dress in taylor suits, tall stove top hats and tailored suit jackets……..know come back to reality.  Clothing for the common man was made to be worn, not to be looked at.  Clothing needed to be functional.  Considering you make a loss of 90 cents each day, you don’t have money to spend on smoking jackets, you need money for, oh I don’t know… (Personally if I was starving, I’d buy a vintage smoking jacket instead of buying food. I’d starve, but I’d look killer.) Clothing was basic, you weren’t color blocking, you were waring the same shirt you’d had for years.  In large family’s clothing was passed down, a vest that your older brother grew out of would be passed to you.  Regardless of the fact that the arm holes went down to your knees (Better then going around in your birthday suit) Your clothing was something to keep the sun off your back.  The upper class and adults dressed to impress.  Take the image above, even though as costumes they give personalty to each character, the working man still rings true.  The pants that are too short, the vest that are a little big, the hats to cover up greasy hair, it all says the same. (Image from the Disney movie “Newsies)

With all this lovely manliness around, I was inspired to draw.  And believe me when I say I spent hours trying to get the neck line right.  The collar of a man’s shirt changes everything, make the top portion of the collar too big and you look like Elvis, fold your corners over to far and you look like a latin disco dancer.  In the end Spot Colon (Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies in the Disney movie) was given due justice, red suspenders and all. #History Fact: True to life Spot Colons was famed for warring bright suspenders only difference is the color.  In real life they were pink, movie versions are red.

So as I enjoy doing research on Newsies I’ll leave you with a movie recommendation if your looking for rolled up sleeves to drool over.

Warning: Do be ready to feel like a creeper, unless your younger then seventeen.  Most, if not all of the newsies actors are well under eighteen.  But a little creepiness isn’t toooo bad 🙂

Enjoy the picture at the top of the post, check out Lewis Hine, a renowned photographer of every day life in New York City.

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